Forex Trading

The Market

Our world is genuinely a global village and hence any small development can affect our stocks. It is important that you play close attention to happenings around us and keep tracking your investments.

Stocks Work

If you are unable to spend time to do the same, you should consider engaging a planner who can do it for you and keep you abreast of the movements.

How To Start Trading In Stocks

Everyone at some point wonders about trading in stocks- investing in mutual funds, SIPS, Stocks and shares of companies, Bonds etc. If you are young and have money that can be saved towards a long-term goal, the best option would be to put it away in stocks or stock mutual funds. These are the best way to let your money grown over a period. If you are considering a few options for a retirement fund, this may be your safest bet.

Why stocks work the best as a long-term saving option:


  • The money put into stocks or stock mutual fund grows over an extended period and hence offers the best opportunity in terms of growth.
  • If you are concerned about bad days in the stock market, investing for a longer period always gives you time to ride over bad days or bad patches in the market.
  • You can always start slow and small. It is not necessary to put in all your money at the first instance. Once you get comfortable with the process and you are feeling fairly confident, you can put it in as much as you want.

Once you are convinced and have decided that this is a good option for you, there are somethings that you should follow:

Stock Brokers:


Buying and selling of share happen through a stock broker- a person who has the license to purchase stocks for you. So, the first step would be to find good and reliable brokers who can deal with your investments. There are few things to consider before you finalize on your stock broker


  • First and foremost, your age and your purpose of investment will want a different kind of brokers. For instance, if you are young and require some aggressive moves in the market, you will need an adviser who has experience doing such selling, buying and can advise you accordingly.
  • Secondly, you should pay attention to what fees they charge, any minimum amount that you need to maintain in a brokerage account.
  • You need to be actively involved in the process of trading. While the brokers will do the major work for you, it is important that you are also aware of stocks that your money is invested in. You must be ready to do some research on your own as well.




Having a mentor really helps, especially when you are new to stock trading and investing. Having a person who has been doing the same for a while will be an asset specially to give to tips and advice on what to avoid and when to take advantage of certain things in the market. Visit for further details.

Following the Crowd:


It is not without reason that people say, “avoid the Herd Mentality”. It is best to do some research and understand what you are getting into rather than following everyone around you. Sometimes, there is no basis for a certain upward or a downward move in the market and if you blindly follow everyone in buying a certain stock, you may end up buying a stock you wish you had not. Always back up your decisions with solid research and understanding.

Following your Gut:


Always understand the business you are investing in. Do not buy a stock without knowing what business they are into. Understanding the business will allow you to make informed decisions about the ups and downs. Even if the stocks are down, you will know why there is such a trend and whether it is temporary. In addition, you should follow a disciplined approach to your investments, never allowing fear or greed cloud your judgments. This will always yield you satisfactory results.



It is important to build a diverse portfolio which has stocks from different sectors. This will allow you to distribute your risks and make the most of your investments. Another key consideration is that you have realistic expectations from your investments. While many have known to have made huge gains from bull runs, it is not sensible to expect that kind of returns from all your investments. This can only lead to disappointment.